about me.

Since my adolescent days, I’ve always loved creating. Whether it was with my moms family vacation, point and shoot camera or the webcam I bought with my chore money (because this was before laptops had good webcams)…I was always creating. In fact, my home movies, short (short) films, and music videos sparked my love for editing and YouTube. However, let’s just say the days of young Shakira and YouTube are all pushed deep, deep into an archive never to be seen again.

Christmas of 2014, my mom bought me my DREAM camera (at the time)…a Canon Rebel T5i with it’s vary-angle, flip screen glory and all. With the stipulation that I actually commit to my YouTube channel and what I loved doing the most, creating . However, I went through a period of self doubt and feeling uninspired to create…and in all honesty the thought of someone from my high school seeing me being me left me terrified and anxious. So I stopped.

Upon the instant thought of my mom’s judging gaze, I decided to pick up my new camera that was not being used for YouTube and do something. So, I decided to take pictures and like any millennial, I posted my pictures on Instagram and from there everything pretty much changed. I taught myself how to shoot in manual, what an f stop was, why you don’t want to shoot in broad daylight, how to work my angles, and what the heck Lightroom was. I kept learning and shooting and falling deeper in love with my new passion.

In this past year alone, I found a way trust in my vision and my ideas, a deep love for fashion and travel, and wanting to help empower people. All of this would not be possible if it was not for God and photography.

I may not know what I will be doing 5 years from now but, I know as long as it gives me the same feeling photography has in the past 4 years it won’t matter.